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It has been a very, very long time. Perhaps even longer in my head than on the calendar. And certainly long enough for me to have forgotten what to say in a blog post.┬áSo I shall find my “legs” as I go, and ask your patience as I grope around in my head….

Today, home came alive for the first time since I got back from Nashville last week. Sure, it never rains but it pours and this past week rained down tragedy and stress like nobody’s business, but today home returned to its home-like state with breakfast, mass, grocery shopping, laundry, miscellaneous matters requiring slight attention, and drinks on the back porch followed by Father’s Day dinner.

I have been struggling with summer, with working at home all day by myself, cleaning and organizing things as Mom ordains, missing my collegiate independence where I have free reign to exercise my own tastes, priorities and styles. Life as Cinderella gets lonely, especially with Prince Charming three hundred miles away till August, and I am not half so good-tempered as Cinderella, being prone to fits of pouting and self-pity. But I thought today in Mass of last summer, and everything I learned once I finally got over my grudge against life, and resolved that this summer I must do the same.

So, I am out for an adventure, and I wonder what I shall find. Certainly, returning to Tanglewood Theatre as the Assistant Camp Director in July will be eventful. No two camps of a hundred kids are ever the same. And if I am looking for new experiences, a trip to Saratoga Springs, NY to assist in teaching genius child writers is about as good as anything gets. Heck, just the plane ride is enough of a thrill for someone who has only flown once in her entire life!

No, it’s not about finding new places or people, the adventure I think must come from within. How cliche. But how very true. People make what they want of their circumstances.


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