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Cannon in D

It is Christmas though I hardly notice. It seems odd to hear Christmas carols piping out of shops when all I can think is “Cannon in D” and similarly matrimonial tunes. 

I haven’t realized the enormity of it: my sister is getting married. And hopefully if I haven’t gotten the memo yet it shall hold off till after the ceremony, just so that I don’t break down while holding her bouquet or arranging her train or anything ridiculous like that. 

It is funny how different real life is than childhood imaginings. But the good part is that life is even better than I thought it could be. Kathryn and I used to lie in our twin beds designing our perfect weddings, trying to out-do each other with the sumptuousness of  our gowns and the cut of our base-ball sized engagement rings. Instead, she has a modest sapphire, a slim tulip of a dress, and is crazily in love with a man almost the exact opposite of her ancient Prince Charming. Still, charming he is and ever shall be in her eyes. For as stated in the wedding program “Love is not Love that alters when it alteration finds…” 

I wonder if that is true. If love is really as expansive and mysterious as I once thought at age ten, snuggled into a twin bed with “The Girl of the Limberlost” or “Pride and Prejudice”? It’s not just Disney who promotes unreasonable expectations of romance, but is such Joy truly unreasonable? True, I am a die-hard romantic in every sense of the word, but I choose to believe in love’s endurance when surrounded by Christmas goodwill and the warm glow radiating from an incandescently happy sister.


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Yes, I am ashamed of myself. I have spent the last few months floundering through the regular upheavals of college life, but I think it is time to return to the blog. It is Sylvia’s fault, you know. I asked Vincent last night if he ever did get a chance to read her story and the answer was no. But I guess that is unimportant. She runs around both our heads now, and even if she never achieves more than a ephemeral existence on a blog page, I shall be forever indebted to her for introducing me to Vincent. 

Not that they knew each other before that fateful dinner in August. She is terribly precocious and took a liking to him at once, prompting me to sit down and tell him all about her. I wonder what he thought of us: an over-imaginative English major and an over-bearing princess spilling out their stories one-on-top-of-the-other in their excitement at finding an attentive audience. Whatever the case, he must have found us both intriguing, if not charming, for he keeps coming back though I can’t think why… 

Continued December 18, 2008

And thus, between the sophomoric discovery that college actually requires WORK (shocking idea!) and the various wonderful experiences of helping with my sister’s wedding and falling in love myself, there has been little time for contemplation and the arduous process of composing, editing and re-editing blog posts. Perhaps I shall find time for some real work before the wedding consumes my life, but nothing comes for the asking, and certainly not literary inspiration!

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